Meagan McNeal

Graceful, sultry, and blessed with infinite talent, Meagan McNeal is the future of neo-soul and R&B. Born and raised in the south side of Chicago, she began singing at an early age, and has since honed her talents, which have taken her around the world. She is ready to take the world by storm.

You have seen the footage countless times. They usually unfold in a similar fashion. You know, the young child, whom the audience thinks is going to sing "Mary Had A Little Lamb" or "I'm a Little Tea Pot", suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere belts out a song that nobody their age could possibly sing. It is a preview of a superstar destined to be in the spotlight. Meagan McNeal was no exception. While performing at her aunt's wedding at the age of 9, Meagan sang Steve Wonder's "You and I" (We Can Conquer the World) to an audience that was mesmerized; a performance that will never be forgotten. It was quickly said, "That little one is going to be somebody someday." Her journey had just started.

Currently, Meagan is living in Chicago, Illinois. She will be heading back into the studio shortly, ready to record some new music. Stay tuned.