Mike x Clay

The music that rap group Mike x Clay makes defies classification. You might listen to one of their songs and get a rugged and grimy East Coast sound, and then you’ll hear another cut, and it will be a poignant, piano-laden composition that might even drive you to tears. This chameleon-like trait speaks to the heightened musicality and overall work ethic of the group’s members. Their goal is to make stellar Hip-Hop music that transcends the norm and usurps the recycled garbage rap fans are forced to continuously consume. And perhaps the most impressive thing about their music is that every song they put out, regardless of the sonic direction, sounds absolutely honest and straight from the heart.

So who exactly are Mike x Clay? Well, brothers – Clarence and Michael Lewis. Both originally from Southern California, the Lewis brothers relocated to Chicago. Perhaps their varying experiences of living in far-flung zip codes may be the reason why their music has such a multi-faceted appeal. They jokingly describe their aura as a mixture of “Nas & 2 Live Crew” – now how’s that for some diverse range?

With regards to the distribution of roles in the group, it goes like this: Mic paints the musical backdrop for the two emcees to drop their intricate wordplay of hard-hitting and heart-piercing lyrics. As Mic eloquently states, “Musically, I play the role of the point guard, I bring the ball up the court for my brother to deliver the goods.”